5 ways to use keratin correctly on hair

It seems that it is enough to hear the word "keratin" and the hair starts to become more shiny, untangled, with that same advertising face. As much as it may seem exaggerated, this protein is essential to restore the threads that have already suffered from various chemical processes. “Formed by amino acids, it helps in the process of forming the structure of the hair strand. It serves to replace the loss of keratin due to excess of chemicals, exposure to the sun, the beach, the pool, board and other factors that damage the hair fiber ”. For further details, go here: Best Keratin Treatment

When you go to buy this product from the goddesses, you may come across some types that will make your choice difficult:


It is the concentrated version of keratin, which provides greater absorption of the threads, and can be found in liquid or gel form. But the professional warns: "it must be used sparingly in cases where the hair fiber is very damaged, elastic".


This is the option you are looking for if you want to add a powerful touch to your hydration masks. “Just dilute 10 ml of keratin in water and let it act for 15 minutes, on average, and then rinse. Bearing in mind that always after using it, it is good to moisturize your hair, as it can leave an aspect of rough hair ”, teaches Rafael.


The main difference is that it is produced with animal amino acids extracted from vegetables such as potatoes. "The benefits are the same, but what differs is that the vegetable does not make the hair heavy, unlike the animal keratin that can make the fiber stiff."


It is the most common form used in most cosmetics. "It is good for use in maintaining hair treatments, however, if the hair is badly damaged, it won't do any good."

As for the possibilities of including this magic protein in daily life , the professional warns of some precautions:

  • Excessive use can cause the opposite effect and stiffen the hair fiber. The tip to avoid this problem is to always apply a good quality mask afterwards;
  • Give intervals of at least 15 days between applications;
  • Never apply directly to the scalp.

Applying directly to the wires

Liquid keratin of any type can be applied directly to the strands, always remembering to perform the glove to enhance the treatment. Wash with shampoo, rinse and apply the keratin, allowing to act for a few minutes. Rinse again, moisturize with the mask of your choice and finish with conditioner.

Matching the masks

If you already have a favorite moisturizing cream, adding keratin can make it even more powerful. “An effective way to use it is with two tablespoons of soup with an ampoule of keratin and a few drops of argan oil”, teaches Rafael. There will not be hair that does not become silky!

Combining with other moisturizing products

In addition to putting on the mask, you can also mix with liquid Bepantol and vegetable oils (Argan, almonds, coconut…), always respecting the composition of each one. Add a few drops and mix the two, following the same normal hydration procedure.

To do a powerful reconstruction

You must have heard about reconstruction and cauterization, right? Both procedures are based on keratin, as it is essential protein for hair that has gone through more than they could handle. "These treatments, such as cold cauterization and thermo repair, are performed by professionals and promise to restore hair health in the first application, restructuring the hair fiber".

As a finisher

Nowadays you can find products that take the substance in the composition of your finishers, protecting your hair from hair dryer and flat iron aggressions, in addition to “fixing” hydrations better.